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Tired of pesky ants showing up in your kitchen, bathroom, porch, or anywhere else in your home? When dealing with ants, DIY extermination is not recommended. Often the help of a professional ant exterminator is needed.

Ants in Boca Raton, FL

As you may already know, getting rid of ants can be a time consuming and very hard job to do by yourself. We make it quick and easy to get your home back from the ants that have invaded it.

Often times, when trying to deal with ants on their own, people will misidentify the ant species and use the wrong over the counter product to get rid of them. Our experts are very good at identifying the kind of ant you have and using our products, we will be able to remove the ants much faster and more effectively than any over the counter product could.

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ant control

Comprehending Trails

You may be aware that ants leave and follow scent trails which are made using chemicals that are undetectable to humans. Whenever they locate a source of food they can find their way back to the colony and other ants can follow their trail to the supply of food.

Nests & Colonies

Ants are not very particular with regards to where their colony is created, as long as it cannot be easily interrupted.

Nests will usually have up to 200,000 individual ants, and sometimes even more, in an single colony. If ants ever suspect that there is a threat they will quite swiftly relocate. Worker ants can survive close to 7 years and queens can sometimes live up to fifteen years.

Access Points

You’re most likely trying to determine where the ants are getting into your home, however this is very hard to do; ants don’t need much of an opening to get inside a home. Any very small cracks or tiny holes throughout a property are potential entry points for ants. Whenever they discover their way inside a home they will seek out food, particularly sweet or greasy food. Because of this, ants commonly end up in the kitchen area or other locations where meals are prepared or stored.

Do It Yourself Ant Solutions

Most ants are harmless. However, ants are irritating and annoying because although they are very tiny they appear in large numbers as opposed to just a solitary one. Ants can be very bad for a business as well, especially if the business deals with food. If you’d like a quick and easy solution to get rid of your ants, you should call up our Boca Raton professionals.

We would be glad to assist you and discuss our effective treatments with you, helping you find the best solution to your ant problem. 

Many people will initially try to remove ants on their own with retail products or some other approach. Unfortunately, these are almost never effective and you might not be making use of the proper product for the type of ant in your property.

If you really want to get complete, total relief from the ants invading your property, you should call (561) 277-3335 and have our Superior Boca Raton Exterminators help you out.

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