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Cockroaches are a common problem in Boca Raton, FL, and numerous other cities throughout the U.S. Our technicians have the know-how and experience needed to help you have a pest-free property far into the future.

Cockroaches in Palm Beach County

We will inspect your home or business to identify the kind of cockroach so that we can treat them effectively.

Cockroaches will enter homes and businesses through small hole or cracks that they find in order to find food and water. Once inside they will begin to breed uncontrollably causing an infestation. While cockroaches are gross, they are also beneficial because of their role in recycling decayed, organic products. Cockroaches carry many different diseases because they scurry around unclean things then track the bacteria onto food or surfaces. Restaurants or any business dealing with food is especially at risk for cockroaches and can be shut down by a health inspector if just one cockroach is found.

Cockroaches come in lots of different sizes. Native cockroaches are usually around 2 inches while tropical cockroaches grow much larger. Cockroaches have got six legs, 2 antennae, and some species even have wings. Though some cockroaches have wings they can not fly.

cockroach pest solutions experts
cockroach pest solutions

Common Roaches In Boca Raton Include:

  • American Cockroach
  • Brown-banded Cockroach
  • German Cockroach
  • Oriental Cockroach
  • Wood Cockroach
  • Gigantic Waterbugs

If you’ve ever been inside of a place that was infested by roaches you likely noticed the terrible smell that the cockroaches produced. This smell is one of they key indicators that you have a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches also make sound and can easily be heard wherever an infestation exists. However, the most noisy cockroach is the Madagascar hissing roach.

A Roaches’ Perfect Environment

Cockroaches commonly invade home right before they begin breeding. This is because they require a lot of food and water for the breeding process. Cockroaches try to find a spot with a plentiful supply of food and water to be able to keep them sustained for a long period of time. If this happens to be your home they will never leave as long as there is access to food and water, which is why if you suspect you have a cockroach problem you should call us right away.


Cockroaches breed quickly which is why resolving this problem as soon as you can is vital to minimize the damage they do to your home. Spotting just a single roach almost always means that there are hundreds more close by. They are likely hiding behind your walls and other locations throughout your home, continuing to breed. Property owners usually see cockroaches in the evening since this is when they prefer to search for food. That said, if you do observe one during the daytime, you likely have a very large infestation.

Access Points

If you are like most property owners you are probably curious as to how the cockroaches got into your home, you’d be astonished at how easy it actually is. All cockroaches need is a small exterior crack, crevice, sewer pipe, drain pipe, or even just a vent. In fact you may even bring them indoors without knowing it.

Wellness Risks/Factors

As mentioned before, cockroaches can transmit diseases. They can transmit these diseases by leaving particles behind from their droppings, skins that they shed, or dead cockroaches that are lying around. People with asthma or allergies will notice a spike in their symptoms when this kind of pest is present, especially children.

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Many of our customers have tried to first fight a cockroach problem on their own for a while before giving us a call. While you can find an abundant range of over the counter roach options in the store, they are almost never effective. Particularly if you have a large cockroach infestation. Getting rid of cockroaches often requires special devices and products, as well as knowledge to efficiently battle a roach infestation. Let Superior Boca Raton Exterminators help you by calling (561) 277-3335 today!

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