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Whenever you hear the word mice or mouse, what comes to your mind first?

Dark moist places, droppings, or maybe a disgusting smell? You can usually find rodents in the basement or hiding inside walls. Let us help you find and get rid of the mouse infestation in your home.

DIY Solutions for Mice Removal

DIY solutions are everywhere online causing people to spend tons of time and money to try and get rid of pests. However, it is much faster and way cheaper just to hire a professional, as many of those DIY solutions never end up working in the end.

At Superior Boca Raton Exterminators, we not only find the rodents and eliminate them, but we also target their nest to make sure that they don’t re-infest.

mice removal experts boca raton
mice removal experts

Top 5 Solutions To Get Rid Of Mice and Rats

As a homeowner, you definitely don’t want rodents in your home. It makes you not want to have guests over and it can have detrimental effects on your health. You should remove a rodent infestation as fast as you can or else the situation will escalate quickly. As pest experts, here are some tips that we also apply to our own homes, to prevent rodents:

  1. Keep your house clean. Especially counter tops or dinner tables. Spots are the number one target of every mouse. Next rodents will look for food in stored containers, but they are initially lured into a house that has easily available food that has been left out.
  2. Seal garbage bins. Always inspect garbage bins inside your home and outside your home. Rats and mice will look for discarded food in open bins and stick around if they find food. It is always a good idea to keep trash bins sealed as open trash bins can also attract numerous other pests.
  3. Inspect for possible entry points. Small holes, old screens, or pipes are some of the passages rodents use to get into homes and buildings. Since rodents are small, they can easily enter your house if it is not sealed properly or has been damaged.
  4. Do not waste your money on store-bought traps. Yes, you read it right. Unlike what popular culture tells you, mice traps rarely work to fix a rodent problem. Some rodents are smart and can even trigger the trap without getting caught and then take the treat.
  5. Call Superior Boca Raton Exterminators. Our pest company is one of a kind. It can treat all types of pests like mice and rats. We also offer eco-friendly products that can guarantee eradication for this type of pest. As soon as you call us, let us know of any concerns you may have, then we can draft a budget-friendly solution to address your individual needs. 

If you see a rodent scurry across your floor, you likely have others hiding out nearby. Gnaw marks on food packages and odd oders will always be an indication that these pests have been infiltrating your home.

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