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There are specific varieties of millipedes that are generally located in Boca Raton, FL but will be brown and 2.5 to 4 centimeters long. It is possible to distinguish them by noticing their two segments have 2 pairs of legs.

These little pests will lay offspring in the earth and require two years to turn into entirely mature and have a fairly good lifespan of a few years.

More About Millipedes

It is rather typical to detect millipedes within and outside your home. Inside they typically frequent moistened places and outside they are seen in gardens and flowerbeds. You’ll find this insect outside of your property should you have mulch or vegetation near the outside. They just desire moist earth or a humid environment. They feast on decaying timber and leaves.

Come Fall season, you will start seeing the millipedes start to migrate, departing the habitat they have recognized as home for the last several months. It’s said that the millipedes start migrating to prepare for the winter season, however, should you experience significant rain you may see them at the same time, due to getting removed from their homes in the event it floods. During this time it’s not necessarily unusual to see them inside the property.

How Do Millipedes Invade Your House?

In case a millipede uncovers the house, they will probably first take home on your patio area or deck. It’s a shame they don’t just stay there. Once they have invaded your patio or porch, they might climb over the external surface, seeking out a way inside the property and that is typically a tiny gap that you’ve not seen. That said, it is recommended to check the seals on your doors and windows, garage doors, vents, crawl space entrance and lower level entryways. In case you have an area specifically for storage space that has cardboard boxes or any other items, they’re able to easily hideout below items when they gain access to the space.

Prevention Tips

Eliminate any extra compost. Try to ensure a space of at least six inches in between any foundation level flowerbeds up against the property. You may need to remove grass, leaves, and mulch to make this happen.

Examine the screens on the vents, doors and also windows. It is crucial that attic and crawl space screens are secure and not damaged. All-access doors must shut and seal off firmly, reducing any extra space for insects to get in through, simply because they will.

Ensure the windows and doors have weather stripping that is whole and free from damage. If you notice weather stripping misplaced or any problems, it needs to be corrected. Your lower level doors also require secure weather stripping. Anytime you can view lighting below or perhaps all-around a front door (or windows) it should be repaired.

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