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Whenever you hear the word mice or mouse, what comes first to your mind?

Yup, dark moist places, and retching smell. You can picture them usually in the water canals or hiding behind small cracks.

As a kid, you can picture this creature like in movies such as Ratatouille or Tom and Jerry. But in real life, it is different and very difficult to handle.

DIY solutions are scattered everywhere online which is why many are frustrated and questions the credibility of articles like this.

At Superior Boca Raton Exterminator, we will not only find these pests, but we also target their nest. In this way, we can eradicate them completely.

Top 5 solutions to get rid of mice and rats

As a homeowner, you want to have a clean house and invite guests whenever you can. You don’t want them to go crazy or leave feeling disgusted because of the appearance of this pest. As a pest expert, here are some tips that we also apply to our own houses as well.

  1. Keep your house clean. Especially counter tops or places we place our food. These are the number one target of every mouse. It will go over places that they think are unclean and where food storage are nearby.
  2. Seal garbage bins. Most of us are busy during the day. So we have to make sure that before we go to bed, we should inspect our garbage bins if it is sealed. Some rats and mice gather up there for food. It is a good practice to keep this sanitized and sealed.
  3. Inspect possible entry points. Water tubes, tunnels, or pipes are one of the passages of this pest. Since they are small and fast, they can easily enter your house if this is not sealed or has been damaged by them for instant access.
  4. Do not waste your money on store-bought traps. Yes, you read it right. Unlike Tom and Jerry where they chase each other and scatter mouse traps everywhere, real-life rats and mice are very hard to capture by traps alone. Some are even smarter and can survive even when they are trapped. Choose and invest wisely on traps.
  5. Call Superior Boca Raton Exterminator. Our pest company is one of a kind. It can treat all types of pest like mice and rats. We also offer eco-friendly products that can guarantee eradication for this type of pest. As soon as you call us, we will initially ask for your concern and come up with a budget-friendly solution.

If you see these crawl on your floors, expect that you have more of these hiding inside your house. Gnaw marks on food packs and funky smell will always be an indication that these pests have been infiltrating your home.

Don’t wait for these to grow their nest, call us today at (561) 277-3335, and we will help you sort out your problems relating to pest. It is natural to consider that your neighborhood may also be invaded by mice and rats. We are here to inspect that.

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