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Owning a house takes a lot of hard work. As a homeowner, problems can sometimes hit you out of nowhere. Pest problems are usually cheaper if you can catch them early enough. So if you see any pests in or around your property it is best to call us early to try to mitigate the damage to your property. If you wait and let the problem progress, it not only becomes harder to remove the pests but your home may be damaged further.

Superior Boca Raton Exterminators is here to help you keep your home safe from pests. Whether the reason for using our services is related to protecting your home against future invasions or getting rid of a current pest in the house, we have you covered.

Effective Residential Solutions

There are so many pests that can infest your home, so when treating your home for pests there is no one size fits all method. Since houses in the Boca Raton are never the same, we always make sure to customize a service plan for you after we have inspected the area and identified the pest.

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What are our thoughts on DIY pest solutions?

Treatment methods that you can find online tend to cost a lot more than it would ever cost to just have a professional do it. DIY methods can take a very long time and the infestation almost always returns.

Do-it-yourself pest solutions that are not verified by professionals almost never work. They can be useful for keeping an infestation under control. But if you are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of your pest, you should call Superior Boca Raton Exterminators and talk with us about the best plan of action to tackle the pest you have. If you own or manage a business, we highly advise a professional commercial pest plan rather than DIY treatments.

What services are included in residential solutions?

Below we have listed some of the pest programs that our clients use the most:

  • General Pest Program
  • Fumigation
  • Bed Bug Treatment
  • Cockroach/Mice/Rats Removal
  • Ant and Spider Control
  • Fleas and Flies/Mosquitoes Solutions
  • Comprehensive Termite Treatment

These are just some of the common services used by residents throughout the Palm Beach County area. If the service that you want is not here, don’t worry. We are always ready to take on new pest challenges and will find the treatment that is best suited for your property.

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We highly encourage you to have us thoroughly inspect the area for susceptible pest invasion before you move in to or build a new house. It is very common for pests to infest old homes.

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