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silverfish on the floor

Homeowners are usually startled when they see silverfish in their place. This is due to the fact that these types of pests are nocturnal, which means they appear in the dark most of the time.

They disappear rapidly and can be found near sinks, bathtubs, or almost anywhere where there is enough moisture.

What are the negative effects of having silverfish inside our homes?

While they don’t bite or harm humans or animals, they feed on the skin cells and hair follicles that we shed.

Studies show that some silverfish causes an allergic reaction to humans. Their scales can be mixed with dust particles and float in the air. This can trigger an allergy to humans.

All About Silverfish

It’s silver sheen and fish-like movements are what makes up its name. They have mouths but aren’t big enough to bite humans.

It can also only move in a horizontal pattern. Because of this, they can’t climb up bathtubs or sink. They will slip and eventually crawl up only to whatever place they can hide.

The female kind lay eggs after they do an oddly mating ritual. It hatches after 19 to 45 days. Their life expectancy is up to 3 years and molt almost every day of their lives.

How do they damage our homes?

Their diet composes of protein-rich foods and carbohydrates, in the form of sugars and starches. Glues and pastes are what they usually eat.

These can be found on wallpapers, book bindings, wallpaper, and boxes. They can also damage different kinds of textiles including cotton, linen, and silk. Also, they target human foods like cereals, sugar, and flour. Out in the open, they seek sugar and starches from plants.

If these are not sufficient, they can also eat other dead insects and dead silverfishes.

Superior Boca Raton Solutions

There are tons of ways to eliminate silverfish. Most of them can be found online via DIY treatments.

But as a professional pest expert, we recommend you to call us at (561)277-3335.  We are available 24/7 to assist you with your pest problem.

Especially, if you have silverfish in your homes, that is something that should be taken care of immediately. If neglected, damage to furniture and structures of the house will only arise.

So don’t hesitate, and call us today to have a professional pest advice. No hassle and no pressure approach!

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