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Silverfish Control

Homeowners are usually startled when they discover silverfish in their home. This is due to the fact that silverfish are nocturnal, which means they skitter around your home at night…in the dark.

Silverfish are extremely quick, appearing and disappearing rapidly. They can be found near sinks, bathtubs, or almost any area where there is moisture.

Cons of Silverfish in Boca Raton

It is upsetting when silverfish take control of your property. They will build their nests inside your home, and not in a place wher eyou can easily find them. They can get inside your home via the smallest entry points; damaged screens or vents, holes, crackes, etc. Once inside, they will build a nest and start to breed. Silverfish can go unnoticed for quite some time and can feed on books and other paper products around your home.

silverfish control
silverfish removal

All About Silverfish

The silver color and fish-like movements are what give the silverfish its name. They have mouths that are too small to bite humans. In addition, they can only move on a flat surface. This means they can’t climb up appliances or counters.

Because they are on the ground, it’s easy for them to find plenty of food sources; linens, books, rugs, etc. If your curtains brush the ground you might check them often, just to be sure you catch a problem in time should silverfish decide to invade your space.

Female silverfish lay eggs after mating. The egg hatches 19 to 45 days after. A silverfish life expectancy is up to 3 years and they molt almost every day of their lives.

Damage Caused by Silverfish

A silverfish’s diet consists of protein-rich foods and carbohydrates, in the form of sugars and starches. Glues is a great source of these so they will often times go for things that have glue.

Unfortunately, glue is very commonly found on wallpapers, in book bindings, cardboard boxes, etc. In addition, some of your other items aren’t safe either, including silk, linen and cotton. 

When it comes to your kitchen being invaded by silverfish, they may get into the sugar, flour and cereals. They get this starch from plants when they’re outside. 

Superior Boca Raton Pest Solutions

Silverfish are very difficult pests to completely remove. We recommend that if you want this slithery pest out of your home for good, to call us at (561) 277-3335 right away. We are available 24/7 to assist you with your pest problem. If you have silverfish in your home, that is something that should be taken care of immediately. If they are neglected, damage to furniture and other items in your home will get worse.

So don’t hesitate, call us today to have a professional pest expert help you out!

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