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Spider Control

Spiders are a very common pest all across Palm Beach County, FL. They range in sizes and even if they’re harmless, most people instinctively want to kill a spider when they come across it. While spider bites can be painful, the only ones to be wary of are poisonous spiders.

Now when spiders start invading your personal or work space, it’s obviously not something you can easily brush aside. Our Boca Raton spider exterminators can help you eliminate them and even help you keep them out.

Spiders in Boca Raton, FL

If you have seen a spider in your home, there are likely more hiding nearby. Please call us right away and we will help you get rid of them. Spiders are a very common bug found in Boca Raton as well as almost everywhere else worldwide.

You may already know that spiders have 8 legs, 2 different body sections, and three to four sets of eyes. The size of a spider varies greatly depending on the species. Most of the spiders encountered in Boca Raton are not dangerous. The 2 types of poisonous spiders in the area to know; the brown recluse and the black widow. It is always best to be careful when dealing with a spider that you can’t identify.

spider control
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All About Spiders

The 2 most dangerous spiders in Boca Raton, the black widow or brown recluse, will often try to find a dark and moist place to hide. They may not even go inside a house; most of the time they will find a wood pile or some dark place they can hide around the house. Other less dangerous spiders are very diverse in the spots they choose to hide.

Spiders eat other insects and sometimes even other spiders. Oftentimes if you see a spider roaming around your house it is because it is in search of food. So on the one hand, they really are advantageous because they will certainly keep the bug population down, however, we recognize it’s not a perfect reason to keep them inside our home.

Preventing A Spider Infestation

If you are discovering spiders or finding webs around your home, contact us to see how our pest control treatments can help you get your home back. If you come across a poisonous spider do not attempt to kill it until you have called us at (561) 277-3335 first. You absolutely don’t want to get bitten or it will make the whole situation much worse. We’ll come and help you eliminate all the spiders in your home as well as help you prevent them from coming back ever again.

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