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Stink bug Removal

Stink bugs belong to the class of Hemiptera. They have mouths that can pierce, straight antennae, and are typically green or brown. Identifying a pest is easiest by identifying their shape and for stink bugs, that is a shield shape. The majority of stink bugs feed on plants.

Boca Raton Stink Bugs

The marmorated stink bug has a distinctive brown coloring and shield-like shape with a size from 12 to 17 millimeters in total length. This specific species will have light-colored bands on the antennae and darker bands on the front wings.

A female stink bug can easily deliver 20 to thirty young in just a short amount of time. It only takes 4 to 5 days for the young to hatch. The nymphs will require food immediately. By fall they will grow to be adults after going through several molts.

Stink bugs enjoy eating vegetables and fruits, such as soybeans, tomatoes, and peaches. People who have gardens are likely familiar with stinkbugs. Stink bugs make use of their specialized mouth to pierce food so that it can suck out and consume the meal. It will remain until it is full and after that carry on with its journey, leaving behind odd scars on fruit that’s still maturing.

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Infestation Problem

Autumn is the time when stink bugs are most active. The exterior of your home is heated from the sun and may attract many of these bothersome insects. Should you discover stink bugs in your garden, be aware that there are likely many more close-by that you cannot see.

Protecting your home from a few stink bugs is much easier than dealing with an infestation once they’ve settled inside. These particular pests do not need any food during the winter season while hibernating. You may notice stink bugs inside during the winter season if your house is warm. Normally though, you won’t see stink bugs until Spring season shows up and it begins to warm up outdoors.

Stink Bug Management

Applying protective methods against stink bugs before you see a problem is recommended. Keeping the stink bugs at bay is accomplished close to the same way protecting against any small insect is accomplished.

  • Examine your windows and doors for any cracks or entry points and make sure to seal them up.
  • Check the screens on windows and vents for rips or deterioration; mend as required.
  • Ensure weather strip protection is set up securely around doors and windows.
  • Make sure crawl space and attic air vents are properly screened to prevent insect entry.

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