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What Is A Wasp?

Wasps are stinging pests that are commonly found here in Boca Raton. Although some of their species are more dangerous than others, these pests are quite irritating to be seen in households. There are different types of wasp-like hornets, paper wasps, yellow jackets, and so on. Commonly, these types have two pairs of wings: hind wings and fore wings and they are all stingy. Humans, when stung by these, feel an allergic reaction on their skin resulting in swelling. Some even experience nausea or vomiting but nothing extreme like anaphylactic shocks.

Many stinging insects, like bees, are sociable and live in colonies, consisting of 100s to 1000s individuals. Females are in charge of the nest’s activities and take care of offspring. Solitary wasps do not need a colony since they tend to live on their own and create offspring. However, they are not living with their children. Their number increases every time we ignore their existence in our homes.


Parasitic And Aggressive

There are two types of wasps found within the area of Boca Raton; the aggressive and parasitic kinds. The upside to aggressive type is they execute and feed on other sorts of bothersome pests which they use to nourish their larvae. The parasitic type can lay offspring but not inside their nest; they will lay their eggs inside a caterpillar or spider where the larvae has consistent nutrition via the living host.

Not all wasps are aggressive but those that are can truly be very painful once they sting you. Unfortunately, they can and will sting multiple times if needed. They are considered as a bonus to the natural environment because of their duty of preying on other sorts of bugs that harm landscape flowers and vegetation.

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Never assume that all wasps are aggressive but those that are will certainly cause pain once a person is stung. Even so, they do have the potential to stung several times. They can be an environmental benefit for their duty to prey on other kinds of bugs that demolish landscape plants and flowers and vegetation. But these can also harm us and our livelihood. We may not know when these things will evolve, maybe tomorrow they have poison and once we are bitten, different sickness will occur. So don’t just be comfortable at your home with wasps, they might get comfortable biting you too.

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